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Interview with menoevil

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 18, 2009, 6:11 AM

Interview with: :iconmenoevil:

Questions asked by: :icontabeaborchardt:

First read >>>… ! This is another interview with Menoevil done before.
But don't worry - i asked different questions which are not in the other interview :)

Interview for the :iconfineart-photography: club.

Tree VI by Menoevil Keep the Faith by Menoevil Stand still by Menoevil

Do you self-develop your black and white works sometimes in the traditional darkroom?

Yes, about 10 years ago, I developed films and printed them by myself including color photos.

You decided to study photography back in 1994 – so do you think photography changed a lot since that days? Or had the photographers view back from those days till today changed?

Definitely, from what I have seen, a lot has changed about photography and even photographers including myself. However, change and development are normal. In photography, we have changed from analog time to digital time. People’s view on photos has also changed.

And what do you think about the view from ? ‚normal‘ people to artists work? Do you get much feedback and feel honored?
Or do you feel not really seen in the way you want to be seen from some people out there in the www or also in real life?

I do not think it is possible for anyone to not be happy with one’s feedback whether one is an artist or not. Yes, I have received many feedbacks, and they make me proud. Every single feedback inspires me to create the next project even if the comment says "What the heck did he take?"

Many people might have heard the phrase "One photo, million meanings". I can not help but wonder how one photo can mean a million things if no one see it.

Deviantart is my biggest home for my works. Can you see? Presenting and sharing your pieces of art to the world has changed! That's why my journal always features unknown deviants.

Little wings series 02 by Menoevil :+devwatch: by Menoevil Season of loneliness no.6 by Menoevil

Where do you find your inspiration – when not from other photographers work?

To me, it isn't necessary to only be inspired from other photographers' works, not even from world widely known photographers' works. Everything around us can inspire us. Maybe one day you're walking down the street and see a person getting hit by a car and falling down to death. Maybe you see your little niece carrying an enormous school bag to school very early in the morning. Or maybe there is just a breeze and you see a leaf falling down from its branch to the ground in only seconds. Things that can impress you, trigger your creative thoughts, or make you have goose bumps, are your own inspiration... poems, or the sound of birds singing; have they ever make you feel something?

Is there anyone on Deviantart who has had a strong influence on your work? How and/or why?

Right now, I would have to say that there are many people on Deviantart who have a strong influence on my work. It would be hard to specify them. I have not even talked to some of them. However, when asked this question, their avatars ..

:iconmarkus43: :iconjakezdaniel: :icontom-ripley: :iconhengki24: :iconmayfair710: :iconmichel-lag-chavarria:

.. are the first that come to my mind. I can not explain why, but I would like you to see their amazing gallery and its deeper meanings or ideas. Surely, everyone has distinct styles, but there is always something similar. That something gives me so much inspiration.

i hear your whisper... by Menoevil i hear your whisper.. by Menoevil message from someone by Menoevil

Do you have an idol?

This woman is my idol .. :iconphotodestination: , and it's not because she is my girlfriend. She has only started taking photos this past August. She doesn't know much of any aesthetic theories, such as compositions or color theories. If you look in her gallery including her first photos and the more recent photos, you will see some improvement. I only taught her a little, but that does not matter. The most important thing is that she has taught me this: "Don't forget to be happy with the photography".

She told me that she does not expect to be admired by anyone, to be added into favorite :+fav:, or have as many watchers :+devwatch: as I have, because she is happy with what she does which is taking pictures of flowers, scenery, or something cute and share them with her friends. This kind of happiness is what I often forget when I take photos.

Caterpillar by Menoevil The Arabian Jasmine by Menoevil :thumb81259851:

Do you have any handy tips for Photographers on Deviantart?

I do not have many secret tips or superior techniques to anyone. I just choose to do what is right for me. Photography techniques are important, but they are only skills and procedures, not ideas. If your pictures are filled with magical techniques, but have no feeling, then those photos are just empty and meaningless.

Like I have said earlier about inspiration, instead of only looking at many other photographers’ works, things around you or even your feelings (like upset, cry, heartbroken, or happy) can be put into your photos. In order to do that, however, you need skills and experience that will teach you. One day you will discover yourself and find the real meaning of the word photography.

Which places over the world you would like to visit for taking photos and why?

I'm just like every other photographers who wants to explore the world and take photos. I have liked watching documentaries on nature since I was a boy, and I thought that I had to explore such pure nature anywhere in the world once in my life. The first place I want to go is Africa, which might be 10 years from now because it’s not such an easy opportunity.

Solitude by Menoevil


Thanks for your nice long answers TabeaBorchardt for the :fineart-photography: club.

Art produced or intended primarily for beauty rather than utility.
Photography requiring highly developed techniques and skills.


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